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A tribute to the one-of-a-kind pieces that have found a home

Letting go of OOAK pieces is easier said than done. When I first started fabricating the ARTIFACTS, I remember speaking with my therapist about how Impossible it seemed to simply post them in an online store and ship them out to strangers. My mind, my heart, and my hands spend countless hours - directly and indirectly - with these pieces.

"Take really nice photos and build a photo album"

"The feeling of loss will soon be replaced by pride"

"Draw them over and over. Take videos."

...she tried and tried to guide me into letting go.

My compromise has been to reserve the majority of my ARTIFACTS for in-person sales, pop-up events, and exhibits. That way, I get to meet and approve of the adoptive parents. Even still, I secretly keep some pieces tucked away in a box under my kiosk, unwilling to part with them.

Ultimately, I've yet to find a real solution to this strange predicament, though I'm told it gets easier with time.

Minuit Métal.07-1.jpg


Each ARTIFACT has components hand sculpted in wax and cast in precious metal. Each component is cleaned and coddled, assembled via torch fire, love, and time.

Each of my ARTIFACTS has unique construction complexities that I worked around. Ideas thrown in for the first time. Oddly shaped natural gemstones: rocks, beach glass, found objects...

I may be repeating myself when I say each piece is unique, but for all of the above reason and more, they deserve to be remembered.

Below. A portfolio of sorts. 

Each ARTIFACT sold online now gets transferred to this page. Where I can remember it.

"But Julie, there's a flaw in your system. What about all the pieces you don't list online? Those you only bring to in-person events?".

I'm working on that. OK?!

To remember.

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