Malamium - Earrings

Malamium - Earrings

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Solid sterling silver earrings with post backs.


An imposing pair of earrings, but lightweight (under 6g each).


About this pair : Oops, I sort of invented a word! Covid left me with nothing but a (very) limited home studio, and I was running low on solder (which binds silver pieces together), so I had to adapt! These are made by fusion, which means the silver elements are heated JUST ENOUGH to meld them together.

Basically "Malamiolun" is Icelandic for compromise...but I adapted it to "Malamium" just rolls off the tongue better!


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    All jewelry is carefully packaged with no frills and shipped via regular mail, to keep costs low. 

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  • About This Collection

    The Misfits are a compilation of one-of-a-kind pieces, trials, tests, and prototypes crafted by hand in my Montreal workshop. 

    Each piece reflects Minuit's creative process - practicing new techniques, stone settings, or other wacky ideas that come to mind in the workshop.

  • Caring For Your Silver

    Sterling silver should either be worn all day everyday, or stored in an airtight bag. With time, a natural patina wil form, blackening textured areas of your jewelry - We at Minuit LOVE patina!

    Your jewelry ages with you, how cool is that?