Pearl Malamium - Earrings

Pearl Malamium - Earrings





An imposing pair of earrings, but lightweight enough for an evening out (approximately 6g each).


About this pair : Oops, I sort of invented a word! Covid left me with nothing but a (very) limited home studio, and I was running low on solder (which binds silver pieces together), so I had to adapt! These are made by fusion, which means the silver elements are heated JUST ENOUGH to meld them together.

Basically "Malamiolun" is Icelandic for compromise...but I adapted it to "Malamium" just rolls off the tongue better!


In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, 50% of each sale will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.



  • Shipping Note

    All jewelry is carefully packaged with no frills and shipped via regular mail, to keep costs low. 

    CANADA : Orders are shipped with tracking - delivery times 5-10 business days.

    USA : Orders are shipped without tracking - delivery times 8-14 business days.

  • About This Collection

    The BLM series is a compilation of one-of-a-kind samples, school projects, and slightly imperfect pieces, gathered in hopes of raising funds and awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

    Please open your heart and your mind to the Black voices around you. They are the ones leading the way to a better world, and as allies, we are the ones who must follow!

  • Caring For Your Silver

    Sterling silver should either be worn all day everyday, or stored in an airtight bag. With time, a natural patina wil form, blackening textured areas of your jewelry - We at Minuit LOVE patina!

    Your jewelry ages with you, how cool is that?