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Life is unpredictable.

10 years of ballet. Canned beer on the beach. 500 sequins sewn by hand. A masters degree in women's history.

The tide; it inevitably goes out, comes back in.

Relocating 1 000 km from my Acadie. 

An office job.

Repeat. Reflect. React.

Julie Williston, the artist behind Minuit, graduated from l'École de Joaillerie de Montreal in May of 2020. Originally from the East Coast of Canada, she is constantly inspired by the landscapes of her youth : the cliffs that nestle the Bay of Fundy, the crashing waves under the Confederation Bridge. Her jewelry is an exploration of volumes and textures, a test of patience, skill, and a coveted means of expression. The beauty of precious metals rests in the way light is caught on every curve and facet, and this is exactly what she tries to accentuate with every creation. 

Minuit is a universe in which metal shapes cohabit with found objects and unique gemstones. 

Minuit is the end of yesterday; the beginning of tomorrow.

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