Meet the first ARTIFACTS
One-of-a-kind pieces by Minuit

Unearthed in small batches throughout Fall 2021



The 11:11 series

11:11, the wishing hour, is a collection of organic and enigmatic shapes polished to a luscious mirror finish.
Handcrafted jewellery in solid sterling silver, intended to last many moons.
Each piece is made to order in my humble home workshop in Montreal. 

Melanie, NB

I am so happy, it's so beautiful. I feel like the ring is charged with all the good energy!

Merci merci

Minuit Rubi ring.jpg
Currently on the bench



Inspired by the innate character of gemstones, found objects and precious metals, each artifact is completely one-of-a-kind.


Unique pieces of jewelry and art objects, from my imagination to yours. 

Launching in small batches starting

Fall 2021