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Like the moon, this business is growing in phases

Moon phases

Well well! If you've made it to my little nook on the internet, it would appear that my website is published for all to see! This cozy little space is in its incubation phase; little more than a webpage displaying my portfolio whilst begging you to subscribe to my newsletter. With time, it will grow into a worthy and coveted business venture through which I sell my handmade art jewelry worldwide (hey listen, Minuit is all about dreaming big!)

Leaping — like the ballerina I once was — into the world of e-commerce is a scary endeavour. In fact, if creating art is a perfect environment for an introverted creative human such as myself, it turns terrifying when I take into account the mass skillset required to make it all come together : photography, public relations, ethical material sourcing, marketing, accounting, web design...don't hold your breath, the list is LONG.

Like the moon, this business is growing in phases

The thought of all things "crowdfunding" gives me the heebie jeebies. So far, my studies as a jeweller have been funded entirely through my vintage clothing brand: GunStreet Vintage. Everything, from tuition to materials and tools, has been purchased solely via the profits of my vintage fashion brand, and I've made it to phase 1, the equivalent of a New Moon if you consider the extent of the steps still required to turn Minuit into a viable career.

PHASE 1 - New Moon

In the spirit of transparency, clear as water, I'm sharing the tasks that have been checked off my list thus far.

- Purchase domain name

- Obtain business registration number

- Have a logo designed

- Create a first small series jewelry collection (by far the easiest part)

- Build/publish website

- Have photos for lookbook and products

My first small series will be available for purchase SOON! As the ebb and flow goes, all sales will fund the growth of Minuit, gently building up to phase 2! That phase will remain a secret, but if you're a curious cat know that it entails photography upgrades, legal requirements (like a makers mark stamp for international sale), and devoted marketing efforts.

Thank you for reading, following, and supporting.

Ethical makers and conscious buyers unite!


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